Please contact HARI Temple to schedule the extended services.
Extended Services at Temple*
  • Archana (in person or by mail) - $10.00
  • Vahan (Car) Puja (in person) - $21.00
  • Abhishekams - $21.00 (Temple sponsored)
  • Satyanarayana Puja:
    • Every Purnima at 7:30 pm - $21.00 (Temple sponsored)
    • Any day at 11:00 am - $51.00 (pre-schedule with the Priest)
  • Other Ceremonies (Annaprashan, Aksharabhayanam, Namakaran, etc.)- $51.00 (pre-schedule with the Priest)
  • Wedding / Engagements (does not include facility rental):
    • Members …………………$151.00
      Non-Members …………….$201.00

*Please Note:

  1. Not to exceed one (1) hour for Puja services at the temple. For every additional hour of service, $50.00 per hour will be charged.
  2. Extended Services are provided only if they do not conflict with HARI scheduled programs.
  3. Timings may be changed during festivals and special occasions.
Extended Services at devotee's Home**

These services would be available, beyond temple hours only. Pre-scheduling with HARI President and the Priest, ahead of time is a must. First come, first served basis. Based on various factors, this service may not be available all the time.

Any Puja or Ceremony
(Gruhpravesh, Groundbreaking etc.)
Members $101
Non-Members $151

Wedding / Engagements Members $201
Non-Members $251

Funeral Services Members $0
Non-Members $51

**Please Note:

  1. Above charges are for a maximum of two (2) hours of Puja services at the devotee’s place. Travel time is not included / not charged. For every additional hour of Puja service, a $50.00 per hour will be added.
  2. Devotees need to pre-schedule this with HARI President and the Priest.
  3. All Extended Services are first come, first served basis.
  4. Extended Services at HARI temple will be provided as long as it does not conflict with HARI scheduled programs.

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