Policies and Practices

This document is intended to guide Board of Trustees and the Executive committee in daily operation of H.A.R.I. These policies were formulated by Board of Trustee. IN CASE OF ANY CONFLICT AND OR DISPUTE, H.A.R.I. BYLAWS SHALL PREVAIL.


The Board of Trustees is empowered by H.A.R.I. BYLAWS to manage the affairs, business and property of this corporation. - The Board shall meet at least once a month.

  • Meeting schedule shall be established ahead of time. Meetings shall be open to H.A.R.I. members and shall be conducted by the chairman in a business like manner. All meetings shall start with a prayer;
    • Meeting format -- predetermined agenda
    • Report from each committee
    • Issues and concerns
    • Adjournment
  • The chairman shall take minutes of each board meeting, and the highlights shall be published in H.A.R.I. Times
  • The chairman shall keep record of all Board meetings and activities
  • The outgoing chairman shall hand over all H.A.R.I. records to the incoming chairman as soon as a new chairman is elected
  • The Chairman shall assign each trustee certain tasks for the smooth operation of H.A.R.I.
  • The chairman with the consent of other trustees shall appoint the following committees to perform various tasks Finance committee.
    • Public relations committee
    • Security and legal committee
    • Building maintenance and planning committee
    • Land and lot maintenance committee
    • Others as appropriate


  • Each committee shall have at least 4 members including one (at least) trustee who shall chair that committee
  • Board chairman shall be ex-officio member
  • Each committee in the beginning of a year shall develop work plan for the entire year, obtain Board's approval and Implement the work plan
  • These committees shall have powers and responsibilities as assigned to them by the Board of Trustees


  • Approximately $100,000 (amended from $35,000 on 11-13-1999) shall be kept in reserve fund at all times. The funds shall be invested in high interest bearing account that will be maintained by the Treasurer. Money from this account can ONLY be withdrawn with the approval of the Board of Trustees. Chairman of the Finance Committee shall be responsible to obtain such approval and implement it through the Treasurer
  • The Treasurer shall be responsible to maintain all H.A.R.I. accounts (general expense, school, construction etc.)
  • The Treasurer shall NOT pay any single expense, EXCEEDING $500 except utilities and routine bills, without the approval of the Board of Trustees. It is the responsibility of the President to obtain such approval
  • Important documents such as deeds, bank certificates, H.A.R.I.'s constitution , and insurance policy etc., must be kept in a bank deposit box. Only the President, Board Chairman, the Treasurer, and the Finance Chairman shall have access to the deposit box
  • All government returns and receipts for the past seven years shall be kept in the Temple safe box. All other documents and papers shall be kept in the Temple office file cabinets, which shall be maintained by the President and the Treasurer


The Executive Committee is empowered by H.A.R.I. BYLAWS to have overall supervision and active management of this corporation's day-to-day business. The Executive Committee shall meet regularly at least once a month and be responsible for the following:


In the beginning of each calendar year the Executive Committee shall develop a schedule of events for the entire year, and shall celebrate at least the following festivals each year.

  1. Makera Sankranti
  2. Maha Shivaratri
  3. Holi
  4. Gudi Padva
  5. Rama Navmi
  6. Temple Anniversary
  7. Krishna Janamasthmi
  8. Ganesh Chaturthi
  9. Vijaya Dashami
  10. Diwali


  1. Periodically prepare and mail news letters to all H.A.R.I. devotees
  2. Mail notice/s of general body meeting/s to all members
  3. Implement an aggressive "membership drive"
  4. Arrange to have the Temple opened at least on Saturday and Sunday evenings
  5. Keep sufficient quantity of all the supplies needed for Temple activities
  6. Pay Temple bills as and when due, keep accurate records of financial transactions, and file government returns
  7. Publish financial status every quarter in H.A.R.I. Times. S. Arrange to have the Temple facility cleaned and dispose of trash. The school committee shall be responsible for trash removal on school days
  8. Arrange for lawn maintenance and snow removal as needed
  9. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of temple articles
  10. Any event/program arranged by devotee/s and not sponsored by H.A.R.I. Executive Committee/Board of Trustees shall be considered a private program of devotees. Facility rental rules and policies shall apply for all private program/s


The school is part of the Executive Committee. The school shall be operated by the directors and school committee. The President shall assign one of its members solely for school operations. Such person shall work directly with the school director/s. The President shall be ex-officio member of all school related committees.

The school committee shall formulate the curriculum and activity policy consistent with H.A.R.I. ByLaws. Any devotee who wants to provide religious and cultural training to H.A.R.I. Devotees/children and wants to collect reasonable-fee may do so AFTER obtaining approval from the Executive Committee with the understanding that:

  1. The training is related to Hindu religion/culture
  2. The fee will be charged directly to the devotees
  3. Twenty percent (20%) of the fees so collected shall be contributed to H.A.R.I. for cleaning, up keeping, and sharing utilities

The Board of Trustees, however, can waive this where overall benefits outweigh the monetary benefits


  1. The Executive along with the appropriate trustee's committee shall develop a list of items needed for the Temple and publish the list in H.A.R.I. Times
  2. Any devotee who wants to donate specific item/s of their wish (not on the list) may do so ONLY with the prior approval of Executive Committee/Board of Trustees


Overnight stay in the temple/facility for any individual or group shall ONLY be permitted by the President and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Personal affairs of any H.A.R.I. devotee other than marriage, birth, death, or serious illness in the family shall not be printed in H.A.R.I. Times Public relations committee shall promptly mail cards to families in case of birth, marriage, and serious illness.

In case of the death of a nearest relative in U.S., the P.R. committee shall send flowers (approximate value $35) to the devotee/s family. The PR committee shall keep printed cards and establish procedures to provide help in funeral services.



  1. Temple Facilities are available to H.A.R.I. Devotees for rent except during H.A.R.I. programs and Sunday School Days. Sunday school activities may be postponed at the discretion of the school director when a special occasion such as marriage or other sacred occasion of a devotee falls on that day. These exceptions will only be made provided the devotee is a paid member or pays equivalent donation to H.A.R.I. and gives one month advance notice to the school director and the President of the executive committee
  2. Temple shall be rented strictly on first come first served basis
  3. Alcoholic beverages and non vegetarian food will NOT be permitted in H.A.R.I. premises any time
  4. Rental shall be charged at $100.00 per day for paid H.A.R.I. Members and $150.00 per day for non paid H.A.R.I. Members Non paid members may be qualified for member rate, provided the devotee using the facility pays the membership dues at Least the one month before use of this facility
  5. An Initial deposit of $75.00 shall be required at the time of reservation. This deposit will be refunded provided the devotee renting the facility cleans the facility properly after use and meets other requirements notified by the Executive Committee at the time of renting the facility
  6. Because of safety reasons, no portable gas stove will be allowed inside the premises any time. However, gas stove may be used outside the facility whenever weather permits
  7. Rent does not include any use of Temple supplies, namely foam plates, paper cups, other paper products, cutlery etc.
  8. Person and/or organization renting the facility may use other Temple equipment's such as audio system, chairs, tables etc. while using the Temple facility. However, these items must not be taken out of H.A.R.I. Premises for private functions and/or parties any time
  9. H.A.R.I. Devotees who want to use Temple for religious activities without serving food shall not be charged any rental fees
  10. Any organization comprising of H.A.R.I. Devotees such as Gujrati Samaj, South Indian Association, Jain Samaj, etc. . , may rent the facility for non-religious activities only by paying donation of $100.00 and initial refundable deposit of $75.00. The organization responsible for renting the facility must follow the same rules and regulations as outlined in items A through H
  11. The cultural organization may accept donations from its members to cover the cost of a particular non religious program. However, any Aarti donations collected must be deposited with the H.A.R.I. Treasurer
  12. Temple prayer hall is open always to devotees for prayer. Any devotee wishing to enter the prayer hall solely for prayer purposes shall be allowed to enter the hall free of charge, even if the facility is rented for private non-religious program
  13. Cancellation Charges: Devotee and/or organization responsible for reserving the facility must give two weeks notice before occupancy for his/her /their intentions to cancel the reservation. Any notice less than two weeks will result in forfeit of security deposit


Guest Speakers and Artists shall be arranged based an the following policies

  1. During religious programs only religious activities shall be performed, which includes Prayers, Bhajans Holiday celebrations, Katha, Satsang, etc.
  2. In cultural programs non-religious songs of good taste, befitting our Temple may be permitted
  3. Devotees, guest speakers/artists shall be informed before hand about the nature and the extent of the program
  4. Executive Committee is limited to spend up to $300 per occasion
  5. If the cost of an artist/program exceed $300, the President shall consult Chairman of the Board of Trustees to find alternative resources
  6. If the cost exceed $500, the President shall consult the Chairman who shall take necessary approval from the Board of Trustees
  7. All compensations shall be paid by H.A.R.I. only
  8. On the spot collection by any person, speaker/artist or committee shall not be permitted. H.A.R.I. welcomes any donors or program sponsors
  9. H.A.R.I. Devotees who want to use Temple for religious activities without serving food shall not be charged any rental fees
  10. If devotee/s want to donate money to artists/speakers (over and above agreed by H.A.R.I.) they may do so on their own. Such donations shall NOT go through H.A.R.I.
  11. If devotees want to invite/sponsor a program/speaker for Temple, they should submit their request to the Executive. The Executive in fairness may approve or disapprove any request. If approved, the entire event shall be managed by H.A.R.I. alone, although expenses may be entirely borne by the devotee/s


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