HARI has a beautiful RAMA TEMPLE which is located off Interstate-83 in New Cumberland, PA. The centrally heated and air-conditioned temple building is constructed on a 7-acre wooded lot on Steigerwalt Hollow Road off State Route 114 and has easy access from all major highways in and around Harrisburg, PA. HARI serves the spiritual, cultural and educational needs of HINDUS living in the greater Harrisburg area, York, Carlisle, Reading, Lancaster, Lebanon, Gettysburg, Grantville and other Central Pennsylvania communities. A Gateway Arch adorns the entrance to the temple from Steigerwalt Hollow Road.

The beautiful stone-faced, framed structure of the temple houses the deities on the main floor, which can accommodate nearly 450 devotees during major events. Worship of Ram Parivar, the presiding deities at the temple, is conducted in the altar located in the central part of the main floor. Besides the main deities, there are other deities that are worshipped, namely, Durgamatha, Saraswathi, Mahaveer, Radha-Krishna, Shiv-Parvathi and Balaji who are located in the wall nitches on either side of the main deities. The main floor is also used to conduct religious celebrations, bhajan programs, religious and other lectures, weddings, havans, Sathyanarayana pooja and katha, cultural events such as music and dance programs and other general interest community meetings. A stage is available for the use of the speakers, artists and performers. The temple has three independent mixer systems, two of them are located on the main floor and one in the basement.

Following facilities are available at the temple building for the use of devotees:

  • Worship Hall on the main floor as described above
  • Basement floor with independent entrance consists of the following amenities
  • Spacious, modern commercial kitchen
  • Community hall with stage and sound system where dinners, garbas, and other private functions can be held
  • Two-bedroom priest quarters
  • Rest rooms
  • Two class rooms
  • Coat room
  • Storage area
  • A nicely landscaped area in front of the temple
  • Adequate parking
  • Special access for physically challenged persons
  • Picnic benches
  • A distinctive looking entrance


Puja Hall

Dining Area

Stair lift